WALLS IN VOID 2, UNIDEE in Progress show (with Angel Masip)

The reflection on architecture and its integration with the surrounding landscape provides
an opportunity for the meeting of two different but complementary artistic practices. The
aesthetics of the urban landscape and its suburbs combine with a survey on the social
function and the fate of local buildings, the visual result based upon the informative
research. The project is in fact linked very closely at Biella by mapping some of the
local disused factories- abandoned because of the crisis in the textile sector- which are
particularly interesting due to their ensuing relationship with surrounding vegetation. The
voids in their architecture are filled with green, shaping new forms, a process in which
installation is just as important as performance, using aesthetic forms by simply observing
what is there or underlining them with the use of neon.

Nicoletta Daldanise


About Angel Masip’s work:

Angel’s work is an investigation focusing on the urban voids that, in one way or another, are generated in our immediate environment. These voids, in a random way, interfere in our idea of urbanism and nature, conditioning our perception and our relationships with the environment. In theses cases, the resulting physical space becomes the tangible document that reafirms a natural dynamism within the urban and social structures.

These spaces are often relegated to second place in our anesthezided perception, but they’re certainly a part of the urban margins we imagine, the city as a complex concept works as a unit because, somehow, there are limits and voids that are not understood in the urbanized context.

His research in Biella is built on a series of interventions ai random sites around the city. They have been selected based on their lack of interest in functionality and productivity.

The purpose of these aesthetic actions is to revive the space visually in order to emphazise its latent meaning, and to build a new relationship between citizens and the context in which they live.

Click here to see more of Angel’s work.


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