A large part of my artistic practice is about exploring the relationship between humans and the physical world; reflecting on the contrast between nature and the built environment. Working mainly with photography and video, I examine how big cities are organised and are constantly under transformation. I am also involved in project-based works, which range from interventions on derelict buildings through the collaboration with other artists to community-based works. The major goal of my work is to encourage the audience to feel more connected to the city, expanding the perception as well as reflecting on the way we relate to and transform the landscape around us.

By observing the city as a living organism; perceiving the built environment as an extension of our body, I have been developing the works Urban Surgery and Guts series, in which I depict scenes of construction works, showing the “flesh” of the city being opened and operated. Such works also reflect on the visceral and aggressive aspects of the human evolution, taking into account environmental, social, economical and political issues.

The neglected spaces greatly interest me, due to their richness of natural elements but also the issues they raise about the economical system of cities. I relate to such places as some sort of laboratories that open possibility for the development of multidisciplinary studies and artistic experimentation. The main works concerning this research are the Flat Project (in which I set up an apartment in a construction skeleton with some friends) and the project Introducing New Species, an ongoing collaborative work involving graffiti, illegal gardening, performance and the study of wild plants.

The bicycle is a significant tool for the development of my research, as it is a way to get immersed into the city, experiencing its different environments, and elements in an agile yet intimate way. Furthermore, it raises awareness about our movement within the public space and how the perspective changes in relation to our geographical position. In my latest works, I investigate these ideas by developing mapping projects, such as Landscape Absorption System, Cyclevice and Mapping Private-public Spaces as well as photo-collages such the series Architecture of Pipes And Cables.


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