Introducing New Species is an ongoing collaborative project between Raphael Franco (, Milo Tchais ( and Bianca Turner ( The work is taking place in a derelict building in London.

The idea is to explore the artistic and biological possibilities of the site, adding new plants to the soil as well as walls and combining this action with spray-painting.

The place has been empty for many years and there is a wide range of weeds growing there, as well as countless graffiti-artists that visit and visited the place throughout the years…

We are planting few types of ivies, herbs and flowers and combining their growth process with paintings by Milo Tchais.

We are also studying and documenting the several species of wild plants that are currently inhabiting the place, such as buddleja davidii, malva neglecta, senecio vulgaris, artemisia vulgaris, urticaria dioica and lactuca virosa, among many others.


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