HYDRA PROJECT (with Aastha Chauhan and URBE association)


Reflecting upon the idea of FRAC’s upcoming exhibition of exploring the various possibilities of dialogue with architecture as well as forms of acting in it, Aastha Chauhan and Raphael Franco propose a collaborative sub-curatorial project involving street artists and the URBE association from Torino. Both Aastha and Raphael have experience in working in community-based works, addressing questions concerning accessibility of contemporary arts, the role of arts in society and different forms of activating spaces through culture. During their stay in Italy, the artists had the opportunity to visit the SUB URB ART project at Via Foggia, 28, in Torino, and to establish a contact with its organizers Raw Tella, Eugenio Dragoni and the association URBE. Considering the nature of the FRAC Piedmont collection as well as the purpose of the exhibition, Aastha and Raphael aim to establish a synergic process involving FRAC, Cittadellarte, UNIDEE and the organization of the SUB URB ART and the population of Biella through this collaborative project. As socially engaged artists, Raphael and Aastha are interested in working with people and strongly believe in the process over product. This curation is an attempt at bringing the energy and critical understanding of the movement of STREET art within the context of contemporary arts into the Biellese discourse.


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