I met “Annie” at the beginning of the residency program, in Biella, and got o know a little bit about her project during the first weeks of the residency.

I found the idea very interesting and constructive for the international arts scenario, as it proposes an alternative to the mainstream ways of accessing artworks. So at the end of the residency I have donated the drawing “Untitled” to take part in the collection of  A r s t e c a.

Read the full description of the project, by Anna Acciarino:

A r s t e c a.
A Library of Contemporary Artworks

The project originates from the consideration that the distribution and promotion of Contemporary Art today risks to be rather distant and self-referential. In this light, the market, the Art spaces and the education of the public necessitate a new impulse that can be found in the concept of sharing: through the creation of a non- conventional channel of contact with Art, the public can be reached from the inside up to the point of influencing the everyday life. A library of contemporary artworks does not want to substitute the traditional structures, but instead it places itself as an alternative that can favour the penetration of Art at all levels. The project takes its first steps at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella and it aims at accomplishing a contemporary art “library”, accessible to the entire public, where, in addition to finding a large variety of artworks, one can also study and consult biographical material and critical texts. The area gradually grows as it receives the art-pieces of young artists, invited to work according to a “responsible social transformation”. The operation is closely tied to artists that come from different parts of the world, reunited this year at Cittadellarte, and to those of the AccademiaContemporanea Gallery of Milan, that together adhere to the initiative giving origin to a collection entirely dedicated to the community. The project reinterprets the basic principles of receiving Contemporary Art and favouring its circulation in the private context, involving a vast public not yet considered and therefore excluded from the art system. “A r s t e c a” aims at re-qualifying the ethics of beauty recuperating the dialogue between our sensibility and responsiveness in the everyday life.

View from the installation made for UNIDEE in Progress 2011, pictures by Ekaterina Craftsova