Torino! There we go again!

The 2012 Bike Pride and some other projects brought me back to this lovely city in North Italy. I’ve arrived on Friday (1st of June) and started to set things up for the great day, which took place on Sunday the 3rd.

Not only the Bike Pride was great, but also the previous days. I had the opportunity to meet lots of bike lovers and had a great time with old and new friends. Highlight for the Ciclofficina ARTIGIANA, run by Marco and Fox, great guys and a lot of passion for the bici!

One of the most exciting experiences was to go on the roof of the former FIAT factory, where they used to test cars. It was pretty curious to experience that place, which is full of connections with the automobile industry, with lots of cyclists!

The big parade on Sunday was the biggest bike-oriented demonstration I’ve ever experienced, what a great atmosphere there was there. People from all ages and walks of life, with the most diverse types of bikes, from the normal everyday-life bike to the most crazy and creative double-wheeled experiments.

I was invited by the BIKE PRIDE organisation to do some kind of action/intervention on the event, so myself and Raw Tella (with whom I’ve collaborated last year on the project Hydra) developed this “pocket’ project, involving some elements of street art and urban intervention. We are working on the final edited project, but you can check a teaser video bellow. Stay tuned for more!

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2 thoughts on “TORINO BIKE PRIDE 2012

  1. thank you for you support Raphael :-D… I’ve a question: where is the name of “ciclofficina” in english? Not a “repair shop” where pay for repair a bike, but I place where it’s possible learn to repair and after if you want, you can leave a free offer?

    1. Hey Doc!!! Don’t need to thank me, THANK YOU GUYS! I was highly impressed with the Bike Pride organisation, you guys did an amazing job!!! In english we usually call “cicloficina” as bike workshop. But I think that the description you gave refers more to a cooperative workshop. I’m not 100% sure but I think that’s how you’d call it heheh =] ciao ciao!

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