cyclingscaping BIELLA to BURCINA on the 29th of September


Total distance: 15,6km
Height difference: 400m

Yesterday I went for the last bike ride before UNIDEE in Progress, heading to Burcina Park, one of the “three B’s” of Biella. It was a quick but very enjoyable ride. The first element on the landscape that called my attention was the footbridge that connects two buildings of the University of Biella, passing over Via Ivrea. The chiminea of one of the factories of the area at the back, just bellow the structure makes a remarkable landscape, which gives a sense of transition from the centre to the suburbs of the city.

After passing by the “cashmere road”, at via Pollone and wasting some good grams of weight on the steep climbings on the way, I reached the lovely park of Burcina. One can tell why the place is so loved by the Biellese population, especially during the quite and relaxing times of weekdays. Highlight for the bench almost completely absorbed by a tree, which provides an incredible experience of union with nature as well as a curious way of experiencing the view from up on the hill.

After my quick visit to Burcina, I started to head back to the Fondazione, but from the East side of the park this time, so than I could see a little bit of the districts of Bonino, Vandorno and Riva. I was thrilled to see a composition with pipes and cable on the facade of a building at Strada della nera and…

…only a few metters further, one of the rare “Urban Surgeries” that one can find around here.

When I was almost reaching Biella, I made my last stop to register another interesting picture. In the junction between Strada Della Nera and Via Santuario D’Oropa, there is a structure that goes across the sky, probably used to distribute energy and water to the city. It gave me an interesting feeling of entering the urban environment, even though I was only 15 minutes away from the huge park of Burcina.


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