Biella – Valdengo – San Francesco – Pavignano – Biella

Total distance: 27,8 km               Time: 5 hours

Height difference: 330 m

After the very intense time in Turin, I came back to Biella in order to catch up with the bike activities of the weekend.

On Saturday I went to the X-PIKE, a festival located by the lake Viverone lake, featuring extreme sports such as BMX bikes, “extreme” motorcycles, fixed gear bikes and wake-board; all this in a beautiful environment, with DJs, food and drinks. It was a great day, not just for the fun of it, but also for the opportunity to meet new people, get to know a little bit more about the extreme sports culture here in the area as well as expanding my network.

Besides my good friends from Ciclificio Cagna n’ Brotha, who set up a nice stall displaying some fixed gear beauties (including vintage and modern models), I also met Laura Musso, who works at Biella Sports and also made a cool display with fixies (curiously, they all come from England and remind me a lot of the Create bikes, which are sold in Brick Lane and around East London). Let’s see if we can do something together…

Unfortunately, the night wasn’t so good at X-PIKE, as the rain cooled people down and ruined the nice open-air dance floor. But it was still very fruitful for the Cyclingscaping project, as I was able to arrange another bike tour with Wighy, who lives in Cossato, a village about 6km outside Biella.

So, on Sunday, myself, Aastha and Wighy met at Valdengo and went up to San Francesco, passing by Ternengo on the way and by Pavignano on the way back. It was a nice ride, as the weather was great and allowed us to enjoy a beautiful blue sky with excellent visibility, added to a mild heath, perfect for going around the Biellese mountains. The rout chosen by Wiggy was beautifu and quite typical of the Piemonte region. He said that this is one of his favourite rides, as you take little roads surrounded by trees all the way and, when you finally reach San Francesco, you have a strong panoramic view of Biella, Cossato, Novara and other cities. For me, the most interesting elements on the landscape were the acquedotti (aqueducts) as well as the buildings that were set up within the mountains in order to distribute the water to the area and, further up, the former nuclear power plant of Trino, which has been closed down after a referendum that took place after the Chernobyl disaster in Ukrain.

I must say that the contact with local people has been playing a fundamental role on the development of the work here and I’m very happy with the experiences we’ve been having together. It’s fascinating to see how the interaction between different individuals can contribute to the construction of a common reality, through the exchange of ideas and forms of perceiving the environment. It is as if the chain ring was the key cog of a human based machined, not just in the way it works and moves, but also in the way it provides opportunity for the human beings to improve themselves, acquiring knowledge and having fun whilst experiencing the environment that surrounds them. So, once again, thanks Wighy and see you soon for another ride around the time-space of outside and inside of our minds!


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