cyclingscaping: First Bike tour!!! SOCIAL PEDAL POWER!!!


Total distance: 9,1 km

Height difference: 70,0 m

Last Saturday we went for the first bike tour here in Biella! Carola, my new Biellese friend and partner of the Cyclingscaping project took us (me, Angel, Aastha and Kate) for a ride to Candelo, a village at the southeast of Biella. There is a medieval borough there (Ricetto di Candelo), with buildings from the 13th century, so well conserved that they look as if they had just been restored.

On the way to Candelo we made a few stops to observe interesting places, spaces and people as well. Highlights for the bocce players (Kate was thrilled to see older people so happy socializing and playing together) and the beautiful pipes composition just in front of the bocce pitch and for the cemetery of Candelo, which is one the busiest (we spent around 10 minutes there and saw more then 10 different persons – mostly older people – coming and going), most impressive and “sterile” cemeteries I’ve ever seen. You can have a good feeling of the strong catholic culture here in the Biellese area. Very interesting…

The tour was an important experience, as it was the first ride with a Biellese citizen, an itinerary chosen by her. We all had the opportunity to talk about many different subjects during the day, so the aim of the Cyclingscaping project of getting people together and go around cycling (or walking), exchanging information, experiences and knowledge was really accomplished! The event was so successful that I’ve set up the next tour with Carola already, on the 31st of July. So if you like cycling and are around the Biellese area on the date, come and join us!!! YEAH! SOCIAL PEDAL POWER!!!!


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