cyclingscaping project: Exploring Biella on Sunday 10th July 2011, PART 2 (Biella-Fucina)


Total distance: 12,2 km

Height difference: 370 m

After returning to Cittadellarte for the lunch, I did some good stretching and started to get ready for the climb of around 6km up on the mountains, towards Fucina, a very small “paese” (village) located at the Valle Cervo. There’s a beautiful spot where is possible to go for a swim, walk along the river and experience a bit of the beautiful nature of Biella. Special Thanks to Alice Catto (which I met at the Biella Bike Festival and has a beautiful green, vintage-style fixie) and Filippo Saracco, who showed me the place a couple of weeks ago!

The way up is not very easy if you are not used to hills or are a bit out of shape (my case is both!), but the final of the journey is so pleasant that you don’t even think about the pain on your knees…

After a quick jump in the river and a nice chat with two Marroquian boys that I’ve met there, I started to head back to Cittadellarte. The way down was much easier but I took me as long as the way up, as I was stopping every minute to observe and register some interesting objects and views that I’ve experienced.

Tomorrow me and Angel Masip will make our first exploration of Biella, looking for some derelict buildings and interesting elements of the Biellese landscape. I am very excited about this collaboration, as me and him have lots of similar interests concerning the urban space and the way we relate to it. We both have the feeling that such experience will contribute for the development of our work here at UNIDEE 2011
as well as for a longer term growth process.


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