cyclingscaping project: Exploring Biella on Sunday 10th July 2011, PART 1 (Biella-Gabarello)


Total distance: 26,8 km

Height difference: 100

Last Sunday I went for my first ride with Bambina (thanks once again Wally for lending me the bike!) around Biella. I’ve started the journey at the Gran Fondo Prealpi Biellesi, one of the biggest road bike competitions in the Piedmont region, which involved more than two thousand professional as well as amateur cyclists. The departure was at the gli Orsi commercial center, and it was just amazing to ride from Cittadellarte to there, watching individuals as well as groups of cyclists going towards the same location, in a dynamic flow, as if they were cells moving within a large body (of course I though about the Urban Surgery). The sound of the chains and gears, the talks and moving voices in the quite Sunday morning… all these elements made the start of the day full of poetry! The departure was at 9AM sharp and I took around 4 minutes from the first competitors to the last ones to leave the place, a proper full on life stream! After that I went for a little “giro” (ride) around the place to see if I could meet somebody who works with bikes. So I found a Cinelli stall there and met Carlo, who works at the Research and Development department, designing frames. He was very nice and we had a cool and informal talk about subjects that ranged from technical information about frame construction to bike lifestyle.

After that, I went back to Via Italia to have some coffee and head south towards Ponderano, the next village. By the way, I would like to thank Carola, who told me about the area and gave me some tips about places to go there (looking forward for our afternoon ride on Sat!). Although I didn’t go too far, the journey took ages, as I was completely astonished by the buildings, spaces and peculiarities on the landscape. So I went as far as Gabarello (which is not far at all hahaha), taking pictures and making some short footage at almost literally every corner! I’ve made a map highlighting some of the main places/edifications that I’ve documented. As soon as I manage to edit the video I’ll update this post and will also make the second part of the day (Biella-Fucina). As this works is a work in progress, comments, critics and suggestions are more than welcomed and appreciated!!!


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