This week has been very exciting here in Biella. Lots of interesting workshops and ideas flowing around! And… good news! I’ve got the first official partner for the Cyclingscape project!!!

Ciclificio Cagna, an undergroung bike workshop runned by Walter Cagna (25 years), has kindly opened his doors to me and lent me a very nice bike! It’s a vintage road bike, with gear shifters placed on the frame (a Boeris, which I’ve never heard of) and the classical racing handle bar (curved and with brake levers in a vertical position).

Yesterday I went for my first ride on the new bike (still haven’t got a name for it, but I’m working on it!) and it was such a great experience! A bit challenging I have to say, as I’m not that used to the style of the bike, but even so it was fantastic to go around Biella in a road bike, fast and agile!

I would like to say a big thank you to Walter (AKA Wally) and Andrea, who helps Wally sometimes on the workshop and helped to adjust the brakes of the bike I’ve borrowed from Ciclificio Cagna. I hope you enjoy the pics guys!

Some info about the gorgeous Elli (Wally’s bike, the most beautiful fixie in Biella!)
frame        : CINELLI VIGORELLI
crankset     : BLB-WHITE
rear hub     : BLB-RED ANODIZED
rear rim     : H+SON-RED ANODIZED
front wheel : SPEZIALIZED 3 SPOKE
stem          : CINELLI ANT-WHITE
handlebar   : CINELLI PEPPER
saddle        : SAN MARCO
seatpost     : FSA FR 270-WHITE
chain          : KMC Z610HX
tire            : MICHELIN PRO 3 RACE



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