cyclingscaping project: Our first rides around Biella


Last Friday and Saturday I did some work on the lovely bikes that we’ve got here at Cittadellarte, so now we already have six bikes ready to be used!

On Friday I went for a ride with Angel (, looking for some bike shops around the city center as well as some interesting buildings, elements on the landscape and architectural objects. We found a very special spot, located in the car park of the Museum of the Territory of Biella, where there’s a beautiful composition, created by an old wall, full of plants growing on it. As me and Angel have some common interests regarding overlooked spaces as well as the relationship between nature and the urban scape, it was quite nice to be there, observing and thinking together… so something might come from this collaboration.

On Saturday morning focused intensively on the bikes that still needed some work, changing inner tubes, checking chains, gears, brakes and tightening as many screws as I could. So after 3 hours of nice work in the sun (yes, it was a lovely sunshine day!), the team of usable bikes had grown from 1 to 6! Very exciting!!! So after lunch, me, Ozgur ( and Matthew ( went for a nice collective ride towards the train station, looking for the skate park of Biella. After a couple of minutes trying to find our way (confused artists!) we managed to get to the open market of the city, which is located beside the skate park. It was a very cool experience, as we could talk to some of the inhabitants of Biella that work on the market and also check the skate park (very impressive, by the way). At the skate park, I met Julio, an Italian gentleman who also loves bikes and has a lovely racing Bianchi bike, with carbon frame, fork and handle bar, a real beauty, super light and slick.

After that, I made my first visit to an incredible beautiful place up in the mountains, in a small province just outside Biella called Fucine. It reminded me a lot about Brazil’s (despite the freezing cold water) waterfalls locations, with a not very broad river, full of trees on the sides and with some rocks with beautiful shapes, as if they had been treated like jewelery. So… it was a great weekend, full of work and fun!


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