cyclingscaping project: YEAH! WE’VE GOT BIKES!!!


Yesterday I’ve met Jose, a very nice guy, which is also an “hermano” from South America (Argentina) and works here at Cittadellarte. He is responsible for the workshop and does a lot of work for Michelangelo Pistoletto.

I was told that he could take us to a place where there were some old bikes, so me and Matthew ( went there with Elizabeta Ratallino (one of the interns here and has been helping me a lot with the Cyclingscape project) to meet Jose and go after these preciousness…

At the end we were absolutely thrilled to know that we had nothing less than SEVEN bikes, waiting to be repaired and rode! There are some real beauties among them, such as the vintage Bianchies, both in racing model (white frames) and “leisure” one (the beauty in red).

So, the next step is to get the bikes ready to go, a big challenge for me, who is not an expert mechanic at all… We’ll see where this experiment leads me to… hehehe



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