Biella Bike Festival 2011!


What a nice coincidence! After only 3 days inhabiting Biella, I had the opportunity to check out the Biella Bike Festival 2011, a really cool and well organized festival that includes the modalities of mountain bike, trial bike and racing bike. This weekend I checked a bit of the trial bike (see the video at the bottom for some samples of images) competition and also took the chance to make some network with some local bike lovers! I’m not sure if I’ve been very lucky so far, but people here are been really nice and helpful, so I think the Cyclingscape project will be a very interesting process!

Tomorrow I’ll meet Jose, the person responsible for the studio here at Cittadellarte as well as the construction of many of Pistolleto’s works. He has a bicycle that needs to be fixed and I’ll try to participate on the process… and then… I might finally get myself a bike! I hope that this would be only the first of the family, as the idea is to get as many bikes as I can!

I hope you enjoy the pics! My highlights are obviously the fixies (sorry I just can’t help it! They are just too amazing and incredible delicious to ride!), which belongs to my new Italian friends, Walter (from the experimental workshop “Ciclificio & Brotha Cagna, owner of the gorgeous Cinelli with carbon front rims and orange super deep-V rear rims), Andrea (the white fixie next to Walter’s one on the pic) and Alice (owner of the lovely vintage green bike, which actually reminds me of Silvana, my lost beautiful red-head love from London).

New posts coming soon… or I should say as soon as I can!




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