Ciao Biella!!!


Hello everyone!

After accomplishing the arduous task of getting here after around 9 hours of traveling from London, here I am, at the terrific Cittadellarte!

I am very please to be able to experience such a shift of geographical context, coming from the grey, busy and fast-paced London to the beautiful, calm and chilled Biella (apart from the car drivers, which are not that relaxed!).

Everything is so new that it’s a bit difficult to put all my first impressions into words, so I guess I’ll just talk about a very few things that came up during my first hours here…

The very first things that called my attention on the way to Cittadellarte were the beautiful mountains that surround the city. It was nothing like the smooth, tropical chain of mountains that inhabit my memories from Brazil, neither the quite low and round mountains that I’ve seen in and around London (I must say that I haven’t really been to the mountains in England). The mountains here are really huge, with big “European” trees, in different tones of green but not many different shapes.

The city of Biella is small and its architecture quite peculiar, formed by an interesting mix of old and decaying buildings, but also some old and well-preserved constructions. That’s not to talk about the 20th century buildings with different influences, including gothic, roman and baroque. Curiously, many of the houses and the atmosphere of the city reminded me of some cities from the countryside of Brazil, with their cheered-up colours and masonry roofs with that classical “triangular shape”. The roads also arise me some sort of nostalgic feeling of tiny cities, as they are narrow, made of rock bricks and, if wet, quite slippery.

As I still haven’t got a bicycle, I will start the mapping process by walking both inside the premises of Citadellarte as well as on its surroundings. So check back here on the following days, as I’ll be posting some pictures and information about objects, places and spaces that I find interesting.

Thank you for visiting this space and please, do not hesitate to comment the posts with suggestions, critics and thoughts that you might have!

Now I have to go, there’s a little party going on here heheheh!




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