From the 15th of June to the 15th of October I will be joining other 11 international artists at UNIDEE 2011!

I’ll develop the Project “CYCLINGSCAPING” (check bellow for more info) and will be constantly updating this space. Comments, thoughts, critics and suggestions are more than welcome! Stay tuned!!!


Brief description:

Working with the concepts of visual identity, nomadism, interaction, sustainability and mapping ‘CyclingScaping’ aims to explore the potential of cycling as a healthy and enjoyable activity/tool to foster and encourage social and environmental awareness.

A cycling map of Biella will be created and developed through interaction with the local community, its diverse organisations as well as individuals that I will meet at Cittadellarte.  This map will include places that represent the landscape of Biella, its history as well as current transformations. I will also build a bike trailer that will be used as a platform for collaborative and mobile performances. At the end of the residency, I will present the production process of the map and documentations of the performances that we will make on the streets of Biella.  I plan to organise a cycling tour to launch the map.


I aim to challenge notions of visual identity and forms of experiencing and representing the landscape.  This will be done by combing art and cycling in order to create a synergetic process, reinforcing the value of the bicycle as a healthy, environmentally friendly tool for transporting, interacting and experiencing the environment around us.



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