Makumba is an art festival organized by aKwareLa, a collective formed by Ada Cotton, Siclano Silva & Magda Plugowska. They have met in London and have share a passion for world music, arts and culture!! They first began gathering friends at their own place and now they move to a bigger venue to engage with more people and spread the positive vibes amongst a bigger audience.

The name of the team is inspired by Aquarela do Brazil, a vibrant song from Ary Barroso, illustrating the idea of diversity of cultures and music. It also connects with the idea that Akwarela aims at sharing more than Brazilian music; by presenting different themes and aspects within the worldwide arts fields. They also encourage you to become active members and discuss, comment, post, share and enjoy!!

The next MAKUMBA will be on the 27th of May 2011 and will present a cultural feast including:

Aleh Ferreira, a very talented brazilian artist coming down from Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by a live band, presenting material from his late…st release ‘Aleh+ Samba’.

Our maKumba’s resident DJs Siclano and D.Vyzor will also be on the decks playing some brazilian grooves (da pesada) to keep the temperature high all night long!!

[Aleh Ferreira]

[Dj D.Vyzor]

[Dj Siclano]


We will be screening a short film presenting an ongoing collaborative project between Raphael Franco (, Milo Tchais ( and Bianca Turner (

The work is taking place in a derelict building in London.
The idea is to explore the artistic and biological possibilities of the site, adding new plants to the soil and combining this action with spray-painting on the wall.

The place has been empty for many years and there is a wide range of weeds growing there, as well as countless graffiti-artists that visit and visited the place throughout the years…

They are planting few types of ivies and flowers on the soil and combining their growth process with paintings by Milo Tchais.

They are also studying and documenting the several species of wild plants that are currently inhabiting the place.



vegetarian Brazilian food by Kalindi Devi and the “Projeto Cio da Terra”


More info to come up soon so stay tuned and book Friday, 27th May for maKumba!!

We’re kicking off 9pm.. and please try to arrive early not to miss out on our hot Brazilian noiteee!

@ The new Empowering Church

1a Westgate Street, Hackney

E8 3RL


Entrance: £5 before 10pm
£8 after 10pm

See you on the dancefloor maKumbeirosss!




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